Film Flip offers state of the art media conversion services to the Twin Cities and beyond. Our experienced technicians utilize the latest techniques and equipment to turn your old films and tapes into beautiful digital files. We are also available for video and audio editing, and image restoration.
Film reels, 35mm photo slides, photo prints, video tapes, and audio tapes all degrade over time. Now is the best time to have them professionally digitized for a permanent high quality archive, and to enable easy electronic sharing with friends and family.
All digital files will be archived and shared to your choice of media. Files can be downloaded remotely through a secure, private emailed link, or files can be stored to the physical storage media of your choice, including external hard drives, USB thumb drives, Blu-Ray discs, DVDs, or CDs.
For your convenience, Film Flip will inspect your media, and create a free estimate for you based on media types, quantities, your choice of digital storage, and return shipping. You can either drop off your reels and tapes or mail them to us.
Please contact us any time!

Film Flip
371 Kellogg Blvd E.
St. Paul, MN 55101

Phone: 612/424-5020
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